The Paramedic Ultrasound Research Group is an independent and international collaborative of clinician-researchers with the shared goal of advancing the scientific investigation of point-of-care-ultrasound in paramedic practice.

Begun in 2017, This research group serves as a point of collaboration, networking, and a community-fostering entity, to maximise the potential for ideas to have greater impacts in this rapidly growing academic field.
We feel strongly that ultrasound represents one of the current greatest avenues for the advancement of paramedic practice and patient care; in the often austere, challenging, or pressured environments where paramedics practice.

Whilst the research undertaken by  The Paramedic Ultrasound Research Group and its members relies heavily on industry sponsorship,  we are a strictly non-profiting entity; abstaining from personal financial gain is a core tenet of the research group’s ethos, expected to be upheld by all investigators. In this theme, disclosures of all COIs are mandated and reviewed regularly.
We strive for ethical excellence in unbiased experimentation and open access to education.

Safe Scanning,

The Paramedic Ultrasound Research Group